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Company Profile

Aoyee Royal International Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is a tourism and hospitality center, conference and exhibition center, ticketing center, investment platform as one of the consultancy consulting firm, commitment to high-end reception, tourism custom , Ticket booking, conference and exhibition, study tour, investment consulting and other services. The ad hoc conference and exhibition platform provide services such as conference acceptance, visa consultation, travel reception, translation, media promotion and overseas marketing. It will continue to provide the best cooperation project for a wide range of local and overseas business customers.

Aoyee International has a number of branches in Canada’s major cities and mainland China and the headquarters of the Toronto headquarters, forming a complete customer service network. Companies with many years of tourism services qualifications and qualifications, in the domestic tourism, outbound tourism, high-end reception, cultural exchanges, conference, and exhibition, etc. to create their own unique corporate culture brand, to meet the international customer service design.

Aoyee International in both the popular and personalized product design at the same time, focus on building a professional service team. Companies from different areas of senior professionals, to guide the tourism sector, high-end reception, conference and exhibition investment platform business development. (CCBA), the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Canada (TCBA), the American Chamber of Commerce (MCBA), the China-Canada Trade Promotion Council (CCBCC) and other members of the Standing Committee to consolidate their own development. basis.

Aoyee International Tourism and Reception Center has a variety of brand luxury vehicles, including its own Mercedes-Benz cars and private luxury charter flights, and all levels of government and organizational groups to maintain a long-term, stable relations of cooperation and become a number of well-known large enterprises designated Reception unit. The company will combine the exhibitions of different sizes with seminars with industry benchmarks to help companies explore and develop new solutions that enhance productivity and expand new business. Aoyee International aims to provide more business opportunities for enterprises, more powerful lineup, and more extensive industry contacts to meet the needs of export-oriented enterprises, to create an international corporate brand.

Service purposes

In addition to the customer service design, the company’s high-end business services department is specialized in the core, in the lead and participate in the reception from China and overseas countries of the foreign countries. In addition to the customer service standards, Mission and the Chinese government at all levels of the mission, with a wealth of experience and a good reputation. In the promotion of different types of service satisfaction and the degree of specialization, and so continue to explore, innovation, in order to achieve the needs of various types of customer service.

Service Team

Aoyee International in taking into account the business services, a wide range of public services and personalized meticulous service design at the same time, focus on the development of professional development of the service team. Companies from different areas of experience management, network design, and market development professionals. To the humane management model, a wide range of service concept, serving the Canadian market. The company recruits a number of Canadian local lawyers, financial management, market development, customer service of the West and simultaneous service multilingual translation professionals, in order to better serve the market.

The concept of Aoyee

Aoyee has a first-class international team, to create the first-class brand, its operating principle is for each customer side or meticulous personal exclusive service. Our service philosophy is no best, only better!

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